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Update please

I love the game but it would be cool if the female sims could get pregnant instead of clicking on a crib....... And if you could make a fast forward button.... It would also be nice if we could change the sleep wear so then it isnt just underwear( and a bra) other than that I LOVE IT

Promotions r us

I have missed out a few times on special events because it says you need the promotions r us store. I have had the promotions r us store for at least a year, but cannot do some of the events. Whats up with that?


Love it, awesome to play when traveling, and fun to see your whole town growing! I suggest getting the game if you enjoy playing The Sims games, and you dont mind taking care of families!


I love the game but Im on level 33 and I dont have anymore quest I would like it if u guys updated it

Love police station

I love the police station I have had this game for like 4 years and it was always okay but now it is amazing but the nanny knows best quest sucks it takes forever. Btw anyone who has not done the ocean view estate quest do it quick because the free house they give you is amazing so it deserves a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating

Wont load and let me play anymore!! UGH!

It takes me to "The Cloud" area where Ive got to "Download Save Data" and when I click on it, it takes me back to the previous screen. It wont allow me to play!! Its been 2 days now, and uninstalling it and reinstalling it doesnt work. COME ON GUYS! Please fix this!

You idiot Your not fixing

I looked in the comets and your not fixing things you dumb stupid idiot

Sims FreePlay problem

I have some problem with this game. In the studio Icouldnt pass level 8 because its needed 25 lens and after many days It doesnt happen...same thing for helping 2 important sims in the hospital. Many thied too but dont work. This game takes too many real Times for Notting. When Id try the help support button in this game it doesnt work...So I hope that You Will read this message. Thanks


Lately it has been crushing!

Cant build basement

I love this game and I am on level 25. I want to build a basement but it just freezes. Please fix that, also add more hair styles. I love this game

Love it

I love this game so much until I found out that it was 6.99 for a preteen seriously

Sell all button

I love the game its a lot of fun! But could you make a sell all button when your selling things? I buy ten lamps but then if I dont want them I have to sell them one buy one its annoying if you could do this that would be fantastic thanks

Pls make a Mac version

I love this game!!!! But i hope a MacBook version comes out really soon pls!!!!!1

Liked this game until auto death

Ive been playing this game for about 8 months to zone out and really liked it until I got the update where all my sims automatically age and die off. No way of stopping it unless you pay. This will more than likely make me stop playing as I had things settled and now have to restart each month. If that is fixed, then Ill continue to play.

Xmas update?

I absolutely LOVE this game but right now there are no Christmas updates on it and I love the Christmas updates


Please make a Christmas update soon, Im very exited for it and Halloween was in October and now its December. Its snowing at my house and that is a sign of winter, not Halloween.


Really cool but please take away the waiting like 12hours 1 day! It makes me mad a bit

The Sims Is The Best Game Ever! Only Minor Issues.

I Have Been Playing The Sims

Thumb up for this

All I really wish was if the minutes in the game were seconds in real life like the normal games

New update.

The new update didnt download onto my iPod! I downloaded it but when I went onto the game nothing had changed!

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