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In app purchase didnt give me stuff

I got the designer package for 10 bucks and none of the stuff was transferred into the game. I was charged and everything.

Plz make update and will get 5 stars

Add an update to make your sims fat and ability to skip quests

Amazing Game!

I really enjoy this game! Its super fun and it has lots of things to keep you coming back for a long time! A few things I would like to see are - 1. Cheaper items in the online store. Now, I completely understand that they need money for making this game, and I have bought many items over time, and they even reward you for spending money! How awesome is that? However, in the past few weeks I have noticed that some itmes are getting more and more pricey! Just this week they had a Gingerbread House for sale, and it was $17!!! Way too pricey, I really wanted it, but the price made me think twice. If it were $10, I would have bought it without thinking twice about it. 2. Give us the option to have Sims move in with other Sims without changing their last name! I get the idea behind it, but its not necessary all the time Other than that, keep up the awesome work!!


I was doing the puppy odyssey but when I tried to take the puppy home it disappeared. I now cant finish the quest. Please help me.

Its alright

When I first downloaded the app I really liked the game. Ive recently finished the life dreams and legacy mission and I have to say I dont like how I am forced to age my sims now or use LP to keep them at they age they are. I also dont like how you have to kill your sims or use LP. Or how you cant add personalities to sims that were made before the mission when certain places cant be unlocked without the orbs you get from killing your sims.


I love this game so much! I love having my own town and getting new sims! All of my friends that played stopped because it was boring but when u keep going it gets more fun! I dont really like that your sims health would go down when u werent there but everything else I loved! I suggest you get this game!!

LP gone

The reason I gave it three stars is because on the game I was playing and I used a LP (life point) and it took I but I did not count for the quest (the quest was toddlers clubhouse) and it told us to have a toddler take a catnap I had a toddler start taking a catnap then I used a LP it hen did not count for the quest then I tried again and a few times and didnt work I ended up taking 3 LP from me and still didnt count for the quest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sims free play

Its sooo addictive

Tasks take to long

This game is great but the tasks take up wayyyy to much time. Its to the point where I want to delete it. You cant skip unless you have money. My family doesnt have enough and I really like this game. This game is annoying where there are unrealistic timing to unfair prices. I think you should delete some of the timings asap. Also one more thing. If a task is 24 hours. Dont make the quest time limit 2 days. Its SO unfair

Amazing game!

The game has such amazing features all the extra levels are so creative. I, personally really enjoyed this game

Nanny knows best

I hate the nanny knows best quest it just takes to longs to complete and the hours you haft to spend on it.

Love it

I love this app so much. Tho maybe a few updates are needed.

The pets....

I love the game, but why cant we have as many pets as we want. I wanted 2 cats and a dog, and it told me only 2 pets were allowed at one household!!! WHY!??!!? I really wanted a cute little kitten and a puppy and one cat, but I am so sad that it wouldnt let me!!!!

Cant open store

I love this game, but I cant open to App Store. Whenever I try, it says "general error 111: please try again later". Whenever I try again it always says the same thing and I cant by anything. Please fix in the next update.

Dum Tight

SO MANY GLITCHES! Whenever I make one of my adult sims take a baby from one house to another the baby disappears. Usually i can go back to where i took the baby from n they will still be there but that doesnt work anymore. Now the adult sim that took the baby is just walking around with their arms looking like they have a baby but theres nothing there and the baby is nowhere to be found. The app crashes all the time as well.

Sims Friday,December 23,2016

There shouldnt be a limit to how many sims you have thats not fare Please fix this or I will stop playing this game and tell all my friends to stop playing too I will wait till the next up date


Hi I love this game but it could be better like can you make it so that you can customise your sim, paranormal things, more clothes, no quest, just have all the stores, not real time, fast forward, more pets, actions. Can you please please please please make that happen. Or just make the sims 4 a mobile app.


The store is not working, but other than thats love this app.

I love this game

I have been playing this game since it was released and I love it but lately the in app purchase items have been really pricey $9.99 for a few outfits, really? It has just gotten to the point that I cant even consider it because it is ridiculously expensive especially with new items coming in and out of the store. It was never this expensive before and as I understand this is a free game and in app purchases help to make the money you dont get from people paying for the app. More people would probably buy the store packs if they werent so expensive. That aside, something that would be really useful would be a life points to social points converter. I know there are the social point flowers and life point lotus and things like that but it takes a long time for the social points from that to add up. Something that allowed to to exchange a certain amount of LP for SP would be really cool. I have a lot more LP than SP and it would be cool if we could convert them. SP seems to be at higher value than LP so maybe 2 or 3 LP equals 1 SP and we would be able to put in as many LP as we wanted to trade and it would convert to SP. I think this would be really beneficial and this is something that would be so helpful for the players.

Lifestyle Points

I love this game. I play it every day, but I have problems with needing more lifestyle points to finish something for a timed event and not having enough. Thing is, I have TONS of simoleons. You need to make something like a trade where players can trade a certain number of simoleons for lifestyle points. I feel this would greatly help the game.

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