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I am in love I paly on school nights and I play when I'm supposed to sleep for school!


I just bought a pack but I was mad because every time you buy something you get vip points when you should just level up your vip.

Best mobile sims everrr

You can make your wildest ships come true similar gender or not, it’s so realistic!

Game’s great, just needs a few improvements

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this, and I agree. The time for the sims to do things like go to work or watch a movie is way to long. For nine or seven hours? That’s ridiculous. Even when I told my friend it took that long she was shocked. It should take about two hours for them to be done with work. I mean I don’t want to look at my sim’s house, empty for nine hours. But otherwise, this game is great. Two stars off though for the timing.

Great game love it

Very fun game it would be great if you could add to have your own business, more different kinds of vehicles like for snow, water, lots more different kinds of animals, jobs like zoo, aquarium, more land, curious ship, airplane, train station subway station trolley station, helicopter tour, monorail station to make lots of money museum.

I LOVE this game but there’s a glitch

A couple weeks ago I hit a town value a of $2,800,000 and the other day I checked it and it says that my town is now worth only $10,000?? I really don’t know what to do, and it says my next reward is at 3 million so it shows that my town was once worth the correct amount but now it’s dropped by millions. Please fix this I love this game but this puts a damper on the fun


I spent $30 on simolens! I NEVER GOT THEM

Love it!

I love the game and the new pregnancy update but... I think their should be a new update that allows your sim city to gain weight, I would give a five star rating if EA would add that, please add it, Bye!

I wish there was no tutorial after you played it once

I get so angry when I have to The tutorial again I will give five stars though

Please don’t make them look old..and more

Please don't make them look old..and more, I’ve been playing this game for a while now and there are somethings I’ve been comparing with the Sims Mobile.They let you help you’re Sim on task and you guys don’t.Also I would like to point out the people in you’re game look OLD no offense but you added a little TOO MUCH detail. Please change it and no offense, UnKnown P.S., I love you’re game just my opinion

Two things...

I love this game! I really like how realistic it is how how you make your own reality! But the first thing is how expensive some of the things are. For one, how am I suppose to save 350,000 dollars for a swim center?! I have 18 sims and they have a veritable of jobs. On average they earn 3,000 dollars a day. How am I supposed to earn that much money to complete a limited task? Not to mention, the party boat only gives me about 200 dollars total per day. This isn’t a lot. My second complaint is about how long it takes to do certain things. For example, I understand why it takes so long to work and sleep. I really like to police and movie star job because you can still play as the characters. But I wish you could still interact with the sims taking part in the other jobs! Toddlers can hardly do anything big, so I’m bored when it’s time for my sims work time. I normally send my sims to work while I’m at school, but on the weekends it gets boring. Besides these two things, I love the game! I’ve been playing for three years now, and hope to continue playing! I recommend this game highly, and sorry for the long type. 😜

Amazing! (once your use to it)

Sims free play is a great app. I've had it for about a year and it really grew on me especially the maternity update were you can have a baby threw a pregnancy. But one of my main problems are that you can't skip time like sims 4 unless you use lp (life points) which are quite hard to get and you can skip actions without them. But it's not like you need them it's just that sims actions are kind of long. For example I was just doing a quest and I had the listen to a announcement made by one of the characters and it took me FIFTEEN HOURS to listen. That's probably all of the main problems. Hope this helps you choose if you want to get the app or not. Bye Felicia 😙


ATTENTION TO ALL READERS EA does not CARE about customer service. They never address issues, they never fix anything or respond to comments. They just delete it if it sounds complaintive for reasons it should be. Greedy developers. The only reason the game is even playable is because it is free! That is all! Stellar customer service... I wonder if there are any crazy kind of people who actually pay for things in the game. You would screw them over and jack the price and not care!!!

Upgrades that could help

The houses should be less money and there should be More clothing options for babies and toddlers and teens

Great game but unfair

I love this game it's just that I'm stuck on putting the infant in the high chair ITS IMPOSSIBLE really it keeps on saying I can't walk BUT THERES A CLEAR PATH

Its me again

Can you please make a new Halloween update on October 17th And just make stuff Halloween related like outdoor pumpkins,Halloween decorations for the house small or medium,Halloween big blow ups for outside decorations, toddlers Halloween costumes like a bunny, or bear, dear, cat, dog, wizard, and princess and the same with adults sims and real candy for the toddlers and adults you can put them in candy jars or candy bowls

Best game ever!!!

Best game ever!!!

Freeplay Review

I give this 3 stars. Sims Mobile is a better game. I played this one for around 3 years. Everything costs more than it should. The graphics aren’t as good as Mobile. So, don’t get Freeplay, get Mobile.


I love this game but I have a few suggestions one thing that I think you should do is when a sim makes food you can drag it into a fridge and you can only eat leftovers if you have food in the fridge it would save counter space for other things I also think that you should be able to speed up time when your sims are at work or doing tasks that take a long time another thing is that when a sim is doing something you should be able to give them other things to do so they do it right away

Great Game, but Building Costs Too Much

I will say, this game is amazing. Great character customizations, fun quests, and everything in between. But, most of the stores that are need to finish quests cost 100,000 simoleons. I find this unfair to people who can’t or don’t want to spend money on the game. I think the price should be lowered. That would be my only complaint with this game.

Sims game

I love this game a lot but it can get way too pricy. The houses to build are really expensive and it takes a lot of time to earn your money back. Work also takes too long. I always have to wait a really long time for them to be done. I really do recommend this game but there are so negatives about it.

*EDIT: Great! A Few Suggestions.

Awesome port of a classic to the iOS platform, with periodic updates! What I would LOVE to see, however, are some missing things from past iterations, like smoke detectors, burglar alarms, the need to make mechanical repairs, and the ability to increase knowledge specialization via the bookshelf. And the occasional party-crashing Drew Carey! *Also, how about the classic Sims’ spoiled meals that drew flies and required cleanup? It be cool to have a time limit on how long prepared food can last.


I love this app so much this is this best I get to play this game when I’m bored or I have nothing to do I literally play this game everyday and it is very engaging I just can’t get enough of it 😍😍😍😍😍

It’s amazing

I love this game honestly it’s so fun and addicting I

A little of new things

Trust and believe I like this game I just wish we could go to school with the teens and preteens. I also hope you guys (male and females)think about some professions like dentist. Why can toddlers go to school like teens because they can go to preschool at least. Well if you don’t think should go to school it’s ok because I just think either they can go to school or to daycare. And are jobs so long. Also could teens and preteens skip school that would be so awesome That’s all I have to say overall this game is fun but needs few more things


Why do you limit how many kids you can have in one house Why can’t I have Three.

Love this game❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this game so much!!!!!!!!! Best game ever!!!!!! 😍

Upset and Disappointed.

The Sims, while I was growing up, was one of my favorite games, so my 7 year old brain was like “ OH, THIS OUTTA BE GOOD!” Welp, some of it was, meh...I’m 10 years old at the moment, and I’m waiting for my dad to allow me to play Sims Mobile, since the graphics, character options, and stories are a bit better. I was hoping that Sims Freeplay would be just like Sims 4, I was wrong, first of all, you’re taunting me (and others) to BUY coins, because most of the things you can buy, (Your town expansions) and clothes for your sim, are just...super expensive. 2nd of all, I was really hoping to put some GOOD hair on my sim, well, it takes about 7 SIMS to open the hair shop, and 9 to open the clothes, and when the money INCREASES from how many Sims you have, basically bribing us for money. I never knew you guys could be so GREEDY! Especially Sims. Anyways, I hope you fix this. And, I don’t recommend this game. Thank you for your time!

It won’t let me play

I lobe this app and I have played it for years, I tried playing it today and it wouldn’t even let me load the game. It would go to the menu page and then shut out of the app. Also please add more clothes.

Good but I’m mad

I have this house and then it started putting things in inventory and won’t let me replace them where they were. One of my sims is stuck all alone upstairs.

Not receiving LP

I’ve been downloading apps to receive free LP (I even sign up for free trials) and when I click to go to the supersonicads website it says “rewarded LP” but when I open the sims game back up it doesn’t give me my reward.. where’s my free LP????


It is really good


So I understand that this game is sorta old but it could have better animations.

it’s good i guess

I like sims but it needs the grim reeper in it again. Lol I want to have more than two kids also. And I need more money plz and thx

Great Game! but improvements needed

I have been playing this game for 3 years so overall, this is great game.They have made so many improvements during those years such as the clothes, graphics, stores, homes, and hobbies. I love how there are events that you can do. Though they made lots of improvements, I find a few problems with this game is the body shapes. Whenever I see my sims, I see pretty unrealistic body shapes. I also think that there should be a store or hair salon(Could also be a job) at the mall in which the sims can go to to get their hair done and in that store You can actually go into it and look all the types of hair styles. Speaking of hair styles I think there should be hair from all ethnic backgrounds. As a African American, I would love it if there would be braids, dreadlocks and so on. The last thing is that I would love if we could go into all work buildings just like the police, doctors, and studio. I really love this game I hope my opinion can help better the game. Also I think that the teens, preteens,toddlers,and infants should get some outfits that meet 2018’s standard. I think the teens and preteens should get crop tops ripped jeans, and ripped shorts. I think if you look at H&M, Aeropostale and forever 21 outfits can you guys som inspiration for teens through toddlers.

Poor app support

The game is great; the support, not so much. It’s been a month since I started noticing this one glitch in my game and all my tickets have had the same request. Occasionally I get a response but no one is actually fixing the bug, which basically locks you out of a part of the game, though some of the challenges require you to be playing there. It’s all been a series of quick fixes and low hanging fruit in terms of the bugs I’m seeing fixed by Firemonkeys but no solutions.

Sims free play on iPhone SE

It will let me play it the first time but after I exit out of it it won’t let me play again an I have to reinstall it an start all over again😡

Sims and the City

I did not get a free penthouse like promised. I spent many lifestyle points to get it in time and would like my free penthouse as soon as possible. Also, I am not getting the free social points I was promised if I downloaded other apps and did certain things. I want my stuff.

Getting frustrated!

I love this game, I play it all the time. But I am getting really annoyed at the fact that I get seconds away from completing a task and all of a sudden it ends and I didn’t get credit for it. I.e. when working at the hospital my sim will spend an hour doing a task just for that shoe voice box thing (that says there is something in the way of your sim) and then i don’t get credit for the hour I just wasted! I have even tried to use a life point or whatever it’s called to complete it right away and it still didn’t give me credit! Please tell me why this is happening or fix the glitch!

It’s good but...

I like it but I just bought a pack of lifestyle points for $9.99 but I didn’t get the product. Can this get fixed?

I have played this game and it is a good game

I love this game


Could you bring back the hair today gone tomorrow event one more time? Not everyone has the time to check in on the event every couple of hours and not everyone can spend money every single time. Thanks for your consideration!


Although I haven’t even started playing the game, it looks good. The only problem is that I can’t get in! It keeps saying that my update wasn’t set up correctly when I try to start the game. I kept making it try to load and it still didn’t work, so I deleted the app and got it again, but it did the same thing again. What should I do?

Best game I’ve ever played

I’ve been playing this game for almost 5 years, and it never gets boring! They always have new things and that’s what keeps everyone hooked and excited. Love this game!!

Love Sims FreePlay/Review

I love the update on sims allowing us the maternity quest. Letting us complete tasks as if they were really pregnant. I do have a suggestion for someone who plays it through the day and everyday. Lol. I think our sims should be able to have more then one hobby at a time. In the case our sims may be at work or on a lengthy task another sim could help as back up. Love the game!! Thanks,

Long waits

I like this game but there are so many tasks that have you waiting for a day or almost a day. It’s too long! Please do something about it. Edit: please make the life point lotus free like the simolean sprout and social point flower. It’s ridiculous! Edit 2: There should be an option where we can speed up the actions using 1 LP at a time instead a whole lot of LP’s at once.


I like this game but i wish we could undo things and get our money back when building. We also need to be able to have more sims living in the same house.

Need to diminish the time on some of these tasks.

I love the game. I really do. But when it comes to the quests (specifically the pregnancy one) the tasks take so long i cant even finish one day and im already behind a day. Some tasks take 4-7 hours long and i have like 10 tasks to so in one day. I don't find that really fair. Please please do something about it.

Not worth my time

How is this free play? You can’t do anything that’s FREE

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