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I think the characters are way to stiff and the girls are so muscular and there should be a graveyard for all the dead sims but overall I love this game!

I love the game will never deleted I.T but ....

I can playing this game none stop but can you allow more then four ppl in the house I hate that I.T restricted on how many kids a family can be in the house !

Very upset

So I’ve been with sims free play since the beginning, it’s all about REAL MONEY now! They just want us to spend real money. It’s sad. The true essences of the game is gone. I purchased items with real money, just for them to make you still pay sims money to use it. I don’t want this to be a long rant, I’ll just say I’m very upset.

I love this game so much but…

This is my all-time favorite game, but I cannot play it unless I am connected to Wi-Fi. Is there anyway that I can download something or play this off-line??? I do not have Internet on my iPad only when I’m connected to Wi-Fi which is not very often. Please, please, please make a this to where you can play off-line. I would even pay money for it! Please !

New obsession

Love this game huge fan - some things are very expensive via simoleans tho that’s generally my only issue 🤷‍♀️

I want sims four on phones and iPads

It can be free for the people who got sims free play and make it online and it can do every thing normal sims four can do

Missing Game Center ruining game

So, now that Apple has integrated the Game Center instead of having it as a standalone app, there’s no way to add new friends. Which means I cannot complete tasks. The social task “use a neighbor’s podium”, for instance, is IMPOSSIBLE because Another Sim Town doesn’t HAVE a podium. I am not far in the game, and I’m pretty sure other problems are going to arise from Apple’s misguided decision to ruin gaming for its customers. EA, please create a patch or something. Adapt the game so that the WHOLE game is available to everyone.

All must read for a ten year olds point of view

Yes I'm ten, but this game is addicting, for those of you kids playing the sims, when you unlock the "love is in the air" quest, NEVER Never never woohoo! It shows inappropriate things that no one under 9 could even understand! My parents told me earlier, so I could be safe and secure. Other than that, I love this game, it can be frustrating when you get too many sims, you need to always take care of many sims, in my case, I need to take care of 8 sims plus 2 babies before the school bus stops and I need to leave my iPad. So yeah great game, but consider taking down woohoo, it is a natural thing, but kids play this too.


I love the game but i don’t think that it should have a time limit on anything because it takes to long... I think everything on the sim freeplay should just be free


So I think the developers should remove the Storm weather with the thunderstorms. I have EPILEPSY and the flashing lights cause seizures and this quest has them. That’s being said. I cannot go into my game until this quest is over in 12 Days. Grrr. I think all this should be considered. 😒

Please, please, please read and ATLEAST try yo fix.

This game is amazing! Only SOME problem that I hope you fix! I think you should add more hairstyles and clothes for FREE. Also I'm still wondering why it takes so long to do something, for example I had this guy looking at the globe for a quest called "quest for toddlers " and it took him 12 hours just to look at the globe!!!!! That's very disappointing! And to me it does not seem fair that I have a dog that could dig up gift! But most of the time I get $1 !!!!!! Come on now ......I deserve more than that! Also it's so much money to buy stores when your in a higher level, I'm on level 26 and to buy this store it costs 200,000! I cant reach that! The highest I ever saved for a store was around 100,000! So can you please add NEW FREE hairstyles,NEW FREE clothes, and the rest I included.Then this game could deserve a 5 star.



Raters you are crap

I would play this game but my dad put restrictions on my iPad so I can't so yes make it 9+

Game 👍🏻 prices 👎🏻 time to finish quests 👎🏻

I love this game I’ve been playing for 6 years now. I love designing my own houses, having babies seeing them grow, but what I don’t like are how expensive things are and how hard it is to get lifestyle points. I don’t have money to spend on lifestyle points and social points and all the nice stuff require those, houses cost so much every time you build a new one . Also another thing is that there is not enough time given on the quests. I have school and work and at never able to fully finish my quests because I am busy or forget and I really want to. Like this new Snow problem quest I know i won’t have enough time to finish and I REALLY want to ! So if that can be changed that would be awesome !! Thanks

Shorten the task times

Why does it take forever to do certain tasks? A task that should be 30 minutes max is 2-8 hours! I’ve already deleted the game once before. I don’t wanna have to do it again because the tasks are time consuming...

It's ok but I think you can do better

I think that you should be able to create a personality for each and every sim.


You should be able to do more with your babies, toddlers, and pets.When I got the horse quest and got my horse I was super happy.Then I looked at what you could do, I was super sad.Horses can’t get money for you, and you can barely do anything.You can’t even bring them to ur home lot.All you do is stay in the stable.Now, at level 15 and about 3000 Xp from lvl 16, I can’t afford any buildings.They cost 150,000. The most I ever had was 87,000. I spent most of that on a house then on the health hub (had a discount for 50,000). This stuff costs to much.And costs money for a baby?Wow...!Also what I would love is to be able to have triplets, twins and that stuff.When you pay for one and the times over and should do a spinner deciding amount of kids you get.I know people with disagree with this, but they should also pick the gender.A great little detail would also be able to burp your baby after they eat.And be able to hire a nanny (ik bout the nanny quest, but she leaves).

Missing candle

I have a task to place a Christmas candle on a table,but I can’t the Christmas candle in my build and buy sectio

This game needs help

It is so annoying how the sims look on here and you can’t get custom content. Also everything is so high priced. On this game it has pets but no 2nd floor on my house it’s ridiculous. It is hard to earn money so I wish there were cheats. Overall I just want this game to be like the pc version that’s all. Well hopefully this constructive criticism is taken into consideration and changes are made. Thank you


This is by far my favorite mobil game. But I wish it had fast forward for time like it does on the computer. And that the sims are able to do their own thing like on the computer. Just stuff like that I wish was on here.


I really love this game but it would be really nice if you could add where you can give money to different players. Because my friend has nothing and I really wish I could give her money and stuff


It won't let me download it

Wasted $$!

I love this game, and I wanted some lifestyle points. I bought them, excited to use them, and it accepted my money. Then, I DIDN’T EVEN GET THE LP!! I’m mad that I just lost that money! If anybody else has experienced this and told about it, PLEASE tell me how to fix it!


The game is overall good, but I wanted to buy life points (15 for 2.99) So I ended up paying NINE dollars for it and still got no life points! I tried restarting my iPad and it still didn’t work. Thanks for wasting my money! I’m so angry now! 😡😡

It’s great but

I wish there was more hair styles and clothes and variations of how you could design the sim, but otherwise it’s fun


Really???????? I just finished the toddler quest and I was so excited The I saw you need a birthday cake “no big deal” The I realised it was 5 LP that means I Need 10 LP so I have to spent 3 that is okay but the fact that it takes an entire day to make a cake. They make the actions take wayyy to long I love this game but I don’t want to end up spending 50 dollars

The FreePlay

I have a trouble with my game I can’t go back where I saved on iCloud how I get back I need a answer

Teens in school?

Can we have it to where all the teens can go to the school in Downtown (that we built for nothing). Like our adults go to work, like be literally in the classrooms with teachers and homework. That will be dope.

Love but wish you could fast forward

I love this game and keep coming back to it. It’s really fun and easy to play. My only complaint is that you can’t fast forward like you can in the pc and console versions. It takes to long to complete tasks. I can’t afford to buy more lifestyle points. I’d definitely give this app 5 stars if you could fast forward.

I love the Sims but...

Sims freeplay? Not so much... I get that it’s nothing like the PC Sims. But still... The issues I have don’t make it 100% enjoyable to play. Some of the tasks you are given have a ridiculous amount of time that it takes. In the Nanny quest, there was something about looking for food in the fridge & it took a ridiculous amount of hours... Now I’m suppose to “Post a picture on Facebook” for 15 hrs? Seriously? I just wish it was a little more realistic with certain tasks. I mean, there isn’t a fast forward mode... I think that seriously needs to change unless this is just a clever way to use LP & get users to spend actual money eventually. Not cool. I’d like to spend LP on other things & not speeding up tasks... Another issue: Needs a better way to organize your list of sims... It would be nice when you’re at a home or job that a group of sims could be group together while they’re at the same place... Because this sims list is gonna get really long soon. It’s going to get annoying scrolling thro a bunch back & forth while you’re in the same place. (I’m aware I can click on them. But that isn’t the same).

false advertisement

im very un satisfied with the fact that the stuff that was mentioned in the new update hasn’t showed up yet. and it said there is a new hair salon and there isn’t. just new hair styles that i have to pay for???

I love this game but...

This is one of my favorite games that i have on my ipad. I love how it resembles actual life and you can grow the babies. I love all of the jobs and places that you can get on the map because they are all unique in their own special way and they all hold an awesome activity like going to work or buying something. I especially love designing the houses because its so much fun to create cool life like areas where your sims can live. I have gotten pretty far into this game and have found some things to suggest. First of all, when i got the puppies and kittens quest completed, i was so excited to have my own pet to love but i feel like it should be able to do more. I can sit with the pet but i wish i could wash it in the bathtub or bounce it on the bed like i can with the baby. Another thing is that the pools, patios, and multi story things are very expensive. I have seen awesome houses and i want to have a big upstairs but i cannot afford it so i have to get a big area of space downstairs and fill up the whole thing because i cant make an upstairs. This is annoying because i also want space outside to put a pool and a patio but those are also very expensive. Right now i have a tiny 2 by 3 patio. If i even put railing on it, which is also very expensive, i would only have two little squares for my sims so it is just like a carpet outside that doesn't do anything. Thats all for now. Love this game. Please consider my problems.

Prepare to spend money or become stagnant.

In short: I’m disappointed in this game and disappointed in EA. I didn’t realise you guys are so focused on squeezing money out of people. I barely open my game anymore and I would definitely not recommend it to anyone else. I’ve been playing since the game has been released. And while new stuff is added I feel like I can barely progress. - Houses are priced at over 1mill simoleons and up. And saving up for that much is incredibly time consuming. Jobs only give you about 1k simoleons and while planting stuff is profitable it’s not really that much. The ratio of successful plants to sim eating plants is ridiculous. I had all 24 of my sims plant tomatoes at the same time. That’s 6hrs. Only 4 of them were successful. Event rewards from events/actions are minimal, and honestly I see no reason why I should even try completing them. - The limit cap of sims you can have is way too low. Especially if stuff starts getting pricier. - Job professions are very irritating in terms of requests placed for sections not yet built. I need 1k of each resource to build a new part of the building. But you only get 1 resource per successful request (which needs 2-3 parts to complete). So when I get requests from sims for sections that haven’t been built yet I can’t even progress at all. And why is it that the movie job takes 20-30mins to complete just 1 request? That’s ridiculous. Especially if your sim needs to complete 25 of these in one shift to level up etc. - the sim market is somewhat fun. I get irritated though because I can’t play any of the video requests. It’s alway “video has expired etc” and deleting that request means it takes 2 1/2hrs for a new one to appear instead of the usual 30mins. That’s an issue on your side. Not mine. - more expensive pets give more simoleons? Yeah right. I saved up for one of the LP cats, turns out you get about 5-10 more simoleons than the cheaper version. - why do birthday cakes cost LP? And you have to spend LP on raising your kid because quite a few sections are locked unless you complete the toddler and preteen quests. That’s expensive. You’re lucky if you can save up LP by completing hobbies etc.

Some few things I’d like in the game

So I’d really like a weight scale, to like edit a sims weight, then like to be able to save wallpapers and roofs when deleting a room or a house, that’d be sooo cool, but kinda difficult to make idk lol😂 maybe being able to drive the cars we buy for our sims instead of just seeing where they go, like let’s say I wanna drive to my “friends” house and the car goes the opposite direction. Boo! Lol well hope y’all see this ~Jeremias Muniz, a person who adores the sims FreePlay game ! 😍❤️


I’ve played this game since it came out, I’m on level 50 AND LOVE IT! I recommend this! If you want to have a family in real life, pay this first!

Dear sims

I really like the sims I have been having it for about 3 years now but I have a lot of concerns 1. Can the mom look pregnant if they are expecting 2.more emotions and skin colors 3. More hair styles ( many people that play this game don’t want to pay for 1 certain hair style ) make prettier hairstyle for people that don’t want to pay

New update

You guys should really update it to where you can bring all of your sims to one house. What's the point of having a big party house when you can only bring 10 sims? You should recommend putting in these features. And being able to add rooms inside of rooms to make it to where you don't have to add doorways everywhere. Also, I put all of my teen girl sims in cheerleading outfits and there's no hobby for cheerleading and they can't even do ballet. At least let the teen sims be able to form a cheerleading squad with at least three teens. And the male teens can play football if they have letterman jackets... and can you possibly make it to where when people die, the relatives leave work and grieve before they pass and then they get to keep their ashes. You should make a mechanic update. Add, garage doors, cars that you can work on and place in the rooms (or if a separate room category, garage). Maybe some motorcycles... and you should be able to have the televisions left running if you choose. if you want, I know it's a lot but please consider these changes. And also if you could make it to where when you add the fireplaces in a house, there would be a chimney coming from the roof. Hats would be awesome! Thank you

Please add somethings

Dear Creators, Hi I am Mary O’Donnell. I have been playing Sims FreePlay for I don’t even know how long. I’m on level 18. I have 4 kids. I would like to see a few things added. When a new baby is born there should be a privilege to take the baby out of the crib instead of having to wait. I would also like to see more ways to get money. I have much more but I think this is good for now. Please think about adding! Thanks! Sincerely, Mary O’Donnell

I hate it

It would not let me download


Please please please, make money easier to get, or just make stuff cheaper. I, love sim-everything. But this isn’t even like sims. On the real sims it’s not so hard o get money, and stuff isn’t so expensive. Is you read this, thanks. So please fix.

Fun, but can be even better

I love this game, especially because the babies and little kids are so cute! I love the quests because they give you something to do. I think that some changes should be made though. First, the time in the game is all messed up. A whole day to rock a baby to sleep? 12 hours to clean up infant's mess? 16 hours to relax with infant? Seriously, makes no sense. Second, inappropriateness. I think that the choice "woohoo" is completely inappropriate and should be taken out. Also, I don't think that the choice "be romantic" should be able to be done to the same gender. It's gross. Third, pajamas. Who sleeps in their underwear? Fourth, swimsuits. Not all girls wear bikinis. Fifth, babies. I think that when the baby comes, sometimes there could be a chance that you get twins, or triplets, but make it be a surprise. Sixth, wallpaper. I think that more colors and shades should be available for wallpaper. That would be fun. Seventh, I think more decorations should be available to make it seem more like a sims home, not just like a hotel or something


I have sims on my computer but when I’m on the go I don’t have my computer so I can play this

It could be better. . .

You need to make the Simoleon Sprout more FAIR. I’ve played it at least 50 times and I haven’t gotten a SINGLE spin over $1,000! It could be so much better if you would make it give us 3 PUMPKINS from time to time!!! 😤

Download Faster 🤬

I have not been able to play yet because the app is taking longer than 24 hours to download. I know I have the correct software because this iPad is brand new, I got it just yesterday. That is when I tried to download the app.


Why are Sims so ugly! Like on Sims 4 you could customize your own Sims, why did the Sims app do away with it? Now the Sims all look like bull dogs

Ads are excessively long

Ads used to run 15-30 seconds, now a lot are 3 minutes long. Not worth the small rewards.


Well it’s really easy if you complete each task other wise you will be stuck in one position for ever other wise so so so fun👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌈🌈🌟

Level 10?

I love the game! It’s just I have been stuck on level 10 for a week now and I have enough points to pass it just won’t work.

Fix the party boat please!

Every time I try to sign in on the part boat, to Facebook, to earn points and cash it's saying there is a problem. I checked my settings and logged out, then back on to Facebook and still no change. Please fix this. Thanks!!!!

It’s cool

I really like the game but you can’t interact so you can’t get married and have kids I mean it’s boring and you have to work 8 hours a day

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