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Great game but..

It’s overall a pretty good game. It’s just that I bought a buck of lifestyle points for 6.00 dollars and they have yet to show up. I still got charged though. Ridiculous I do not recommend purchasing anything

Fun, but can be even better

I love this game, especially because the babies and little kids are so cute! I love the quests because they give you something to do. I think that some changes should be made though. First, the time in the game is all messed up. A whole day to rock a baby to sleep? 12 hours to clean up infant's mess? 16 hours to relax with infant? Seriously, makes no sense. Second, inappropriateness. I think that the choice "woohoo" is completely inappropriate and should be taken out. Also, I don't think that the choice "be romantic" should be able to be done to the same gender. It's gross. Third, pajamas. Who sleeps in their underwear? Fourth, swimsuits. Not all girls wear bikinis. Fifth, babies. I think that when the baby comes, sometimes there could be a chance that you get twins, or triplets, but make it be a surprise. Sixth, wallpaper. I think that more colors and shades should be available for wallpaper. That would be fun. Seventh, I think more decorations should be available to make it seem more like a sim’s home, not just like a hotel or something. Eighth, more clothing options. Maybe some dresses for the girls?


Dear game operators I believe we should have clothing event where all the rewards are clothes and hairstyles

Hair styles

You should add more hair styles in to sims free play and also make in kinda like sims 4


I really liked this game because it felt like the Sims 2 but balancing needs in this game is far too demanding. Until the needs/income are a little more balanced I must delete this game; sadly.

The only thing

I looooove this but The only thing I don’t like about this game is that you have to Pay real money for the stuff like clothings and others so pls let us buy the things with the money that we earn in the game pls pls pls pls pls

Next update(PLEASE READ)

I have been playing this game for now 5 years now and I love it But I think in your next update you should do an airport. In this you can get airplanes and everything for an airport and allow you to follow your sims in the plane and create new destinations Please read this and incorporate this in your next update. After that this game is Amazing.

Stairs problem

I can’t add in stairs, i expanded my house and went into the store and there was no section that had stairs.


Spiraling out of control. Every update makes the app crash more often. “Time” is relative in the game. Dear EA engineers, go get a job at a real company. You are underpaid and overworked.

New update

The game still crashes after the newest update

LOVE the wall toggle!!!!😁😁😁😁

Thank you, thank you!!! The wall toggle is AWESOME! It changes the whole Sim experience. Love the new nursery items. I appreciate that the walls, floors, and rugs can be used outside the nursery as well. Chic boutique is such a great idea. It was such a great surprise! You are making really great improvements! Thank you for a great game!


I Think once u open up the app u should be able to pick which mode like rated r or pg 13 modes with rated r u should add more body detail like $#%* and $&*#% and when they have woohoo u should be able to see what they are doing and there clothes are actually of and not just there underwater and bra or shorts and with pg 13 it’s just the regular app I would love that but I bet u won’t even read this so I think I might get my hope up to much PLEASE READ


If you plant something in your neighbors place aka “Facebook friend” would they get to collect the stuff you planted?


You guys keep saying that this game was great, but I say that this game is the worst game ever played to be a RIPOFF!!!!!! P.S. I’m going to stick with ROBLOX, because I love the game...

Love it

The best app ever.

Prepare for some suggestions.

I looooooooove this game! But, I have some suggestions. 1/ Doing multiple discovery quests. I can do multiple quests at a time, and I bet a bunch of others can too. I’m currently doing a bumpy ride, which will take 9 days, but I’d like to start on pets, too. 2/ more clothes would be nice, on a default, without events and purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get rid of events, but more clothes, and long hair in the default closet would be wonderful. 3/ add snacks, like apples, crackers, etc. 4/ adding on to 3, you should have to go to the grocery store, but as a visual setting, (like if you were in a house). 5/ also adding on to the latter half of 4, you could visit your preteen and teen sims in school. 6/ after I got to level 26, sims started dying down to me, and I restarted my game. Maybe add more discovery quests, buildings, and events? That’s all, thanks so much for reading. Love you!

It’s Pretty Fun...

Hey E.A.! This game is great but I have a few suggestions to make it even better! #1: Make it more lifelike! It would be cool if it had more options then just doing quests, going to work, and adding sims. #2: Add more clothes! The clothes are ok, but a bigger variety would be nice too. #3: Add more interactive buildings! Add more buildings to that you can go inside with your sims like a school for kids! #4: Have regular updates on this game and keep up the good work E.A.!


Good game but why do the models T-Pose when you’re changing the sim’s outfit?

Dont download

When I played this my characters couldnt be flirty with each other or have babies

Good but

This game is awesome but your other game Sims Mobil needs work it doesn't work for Ipad and Ipad 2 yes!!!!!!!!!

Two high school? Why not a college instead?

I love the sims I’ve been playing for years! I love the new features you put and and the ad generator to help us yearn more money. I recently did the downtown sim area which I thought was brilliant but my question is why put two high schools? Why not put a college or university? Wouldn’t that be better? And if there’s two high school but neither of them allow us to go there and work as teachers. Also the price on other things to build are way too high. Every time something is built it add another 15,00 to 20,00 and not letting me keep up with that cause the quest require me to build stuff but can’t cause there to expensive and the time runs out cause I still don’t have enough simoleons so just asking you to tone it down a bit. Not all of us can afford to spend money. Please and thank you.

Why is it not like that

You know like sims 4 is on computers I I want it to be on iPads Because this game is nothing like sims 4 and plus I don’t have A computer I only have an iPad Ps I just looked at this game And why is it 12 and older! Like I’m only 8 like it will take me a long time to play sims 4.

5.39.1 Update Keeps Crashing

I love the Sims; I’ve had the app for a few years, but since I completed the new Style Version Update the app continuously crashes. For example: within 5 minutes of playing I had to reopen the app 3 times, which has never happened before.

New things

In the next update you should make new faces for adults and toddlers and you should make new ways to give them new body’s and different body’s so they won’t all look alike.And I would like to have more than four sims from babies to seniors live in one house or I might as well delete the game because it doesn’t make that much sense to me and also more than two animals I would like to see this in the next update please and thank you

Good Game But....

This game is fun yet the body shape is unrealistic, have it so that you can have them be fat, normal, or thin. Also have more skin verities, like 20.

Crashing and sim count issues

I’ve been playing this game for years, but lately the app keeps crashing. Also, it tells me I can add another sim at a certain level, and when I reach that level...I can’t add another sim. Its infuriating. Until recently, I did really enjoy it.


Please do it 😔 I really wish to play that game

Great game, but...

I've been a huge FreePlay player for years now, I absolutely love everything about it. Unfortunately, as of this latest update, I'm very upset and it hasn't been working right. One problem is that I only have one house right now, and a second house used to take only 5 minutes to build, and it continued to be that way after the update for only a day... now it takes half an hour?! My second problem is that I completed an offer that said it should reward about 157 LP, but when I got the notification, it said I was awarded "100" LP. When I checked the missing LP link, it again showed how much I was supposed to earn. I'm being jibbed over 50 LP! Anyway, I really hope these problems can be fixed. This is by far my biggest frustration, as LP is extremely hard to come by and I spent hours for days trying to complete that offer. The biggest thing that could go wrong for me, went wrong. I'd rather all my houses be accidentally deleted or something, not this.

It’s fun, just needs a few more features

Okay, so I admit, I LOVE playing the sims. However, there are only 4 sims allowed in each household. I want my sims to have more than just two children. I like to use the sims to recreate the life of my family, and it won’t let me, because 4 people is the limit to each household. I hope you fix this soon, it’s the only reason why I gave it 4 stars. I also saw in the previous review about body shapes and sizes. I agree with that. To make it a little bit more realistic, you should include different body sizes and heights just like the ones on the gaming consoles. It’s a good game other than that though!☺️

Long waits

I like this game but there are so many tasks that have you waiting for a day or almost a day. It’s too long! Please do something about it.

Ugh last update

The last update is kicking me out of the several times a day and it’s restarting all of my accomplishment for the day but don’t reset the time.

Love it but...

The game is amazing but, I would like it if you could change the sex and/or name of the sim. I am begging you please make this happen. I messed up on my sim baby, and made it a girl with a boy name


Love the game so much (except the waiting times- some are ridiculously long) but for the past couple days the app keeps crashing on me! I’ve restarted my cell and everything thinking it may be my phone but nope. Still crashing.


My favorite game

Sims and the City

I did not get a free penthouse like promised. I spent many lifestyle points to get it in time and would like my free penthouse as soon as possible.

It take up to much space

So I’ve had this game and I decided to delete the game but now...I literally JUST DELETED LIKE 20 GAMES LIKE FOR REAL...and now I can’t check out the new update and all the other stuff so I’m pretty upset...But besides that it’s pretty fun...

Body shapes and faces

I rally like the game but I thing that there need to be different body shapes and heads. All of the sims kinda look alike and in a way they freak me out.


You guys should allow the sims to carry twins or make a live event like that and you should add witches and vamps to the game.😚

What the heck

After I did the love and tresher my private island dispersed even tho I bought it areredy please fix or else I’m deleting the app

App crashing multiple times

I love your game but lately since the last fashion boutique update my game has crashed multiple times. I’m not the only one, others in the gaming community have noticed too. Please fix this so that we can play happily again! Thank you

I need more hairs

I love this game but whenever I go to the hairs I’m a bit disappointed.i just wish you guys added more hair options.when I look at my sim she has the short brown hair and she is me and I have long brown hair. And for the boys the boys aren’t that bad can we just have like more options. But other than that it’s a great game.

Changing last names

I just changed the last name on one of my sims and it also did most of the whole family as well, but it didn’t do it for one of them, so he still has the same last name from last time. I want it to be the same as the rest of the family.

About the babies



Please in next season we need Alan and go to space

Free adopt toddlers

Can you guys make the option to adopt a toddler free so it can make it easier for game players

I like it but....

Is awesome I like and and is fun but We gotta be realistic stuff are really hard to get

Love it but missing some things

I love this game a lot and I play a lot but the sims should have different body shapes and not have the houses so expensive coz I can’t afford any of it also u should pajamas for the sims,and u should be able to create outfits for the sims like active,everyday,party,wedding,etc. Plz do theses on the next update


We like the game but since the update we cant get in to it, when we go to download it keeps saying err err err and it goes back to the beginning of the download.

The time and prices

Dear makers of the game/EA, I ❤️ the game but when I was doing nanny knows best quest I had to rock the baby to sleep it took one DAY! Really?!!?😱😱My mom had a baby and it took her 10-30min. So why should I wait longer to do stuff even tho it is simple stuff. Ok now the the PRICES! All the prices are very fair except one of them. The globe...$10,OOO(sim dollars) why couldn’t you do a one star very small globe, a two star bigger globe then the ‘real’ globe is three stars. Thank you for listening to me complaining. Sincerely, The sims free player. P.S plz agree with me and read this if you saw that l used the o’s instead of 0’s and if I miss spelled words I’m sorry 😐

I love u

I seriously love this game, not only for the game, but for all those details, all those levels, everything 😍 just one think I don’t understand.. walk cycle ? Why are grown ups walking so unreal ? 😂 that is really not hard thing to improve, actually as an animator, I think perhaps 2,3 days max.. so many fascinating details, but that walk cycle, just why? 😂

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