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Limited time events

So I’ve been using sims FreePlay for about a little over a year and when I first started limited time events didn’t cost any of you’re supply of things that you’ve earned for the event but now it doesn’t and I’m not happy I’m also a vip player and I really don’t like that it cost your supply I like that it’s twelve days and I like that you get cool stuff but I don’t like that it cost. Everything else on the game I like though.

Good Game But......

This game is extremely fun and addicting but I wish you could have more customization with the Sim’s hair and clothes from the beginning. Other than that it’s a great game!

Things to improve

I really love the sims but i wish I could put more people into a house. I am pretty far into the game and have been playing for 3 years. I have really big houses and wish i could put more people into it maybe like 25 instead of 10 and improvement for this would be greatly appreciated!!

Cannot connect to party boat

Ever since latest update I have been unable to connect to party boat. Not only am I missing my daily rewards.. but I am unable to visit friends’ towns to complete social tasks. The kids & I play this game daily since it began.. I would give this game 5 stars.. but not until this bug is fixed PLEASE FIX THIS BUG. I have done all the problem solving I can do on my end.. I’ve updated software, changed password, restarted everything etc.. this is obviously a bug on your end.. please fix asap -thanx

Please read this EA!!!!

I am in love with this game, it is so fun and engaging. I always looked forward to playing with it. Anyways I’m on level 35. I would really love if you would include more things like apartments for example. Not only the penthouses but real interactive apartments where many sims can occupy many apartment rooms and visit other sims houses. That would very awesome if you could possibly do that. Thanks!!!!!!!!🤣

Body Shapes

I love this game and have been playing it for years but my only complaint is that there is only one body shape and it is unrealistic. I think there should be different body shapes that can change throughout the game based on food or exercise. If not that then at least something in the design menu. Also I think that the laundry room, spa, party, and French furniture events should come back. Finally, in the circus the tent says that you can’t see what’s inside and has for years now so if there could actually be something inside that would be really cool. Besides that amazing game and super fun.

4+ Years

Love this game! It never gets old, I've been playing it for over 4 years on my iPad.

Love the new update

Sims free play has been going on for six years , worth constant updates and sims mobile just released I also love sims 4 on pc so I love the new home makeover update and sims free play through the years has won I place in my heart this game is absolutely amazing how you create your town and choose the sims stories and love the add-ons that you download never ever discontinue sims free play PLEASE


I used to have this app and I did like it, especially the buildings, pets, and some of the stuff for houses. But I hate how the sims hair and clothes. Oh, and how long things take. Overall, it’s not a bad game, I just am not a fan.

Like the game but

The sims games never seem to disappoint much, even on mobile, but of course I have a few problems with this gamr

Please please

Is it possible to repeat the events that have happened because I have been playing for a while but I had to delete my progress. Thx so much love the game


It’s the 21st Century and why don’t we have LGBT community create what we want and how we want to do with what happens in the game

Wow just because my least favorite game

Wow love how you work on a event like the apartment one just to find out you won’t be able to finish the stupid thing because the last step takes a day and you only have 13 hours left. Didn’t know EA would be just as bad as the other scam artist game makers on the App Store..... and it won’t let me log into Facebook


Few things... 1. Why can’t I hold my baby anymore? 2. Houses are Waayyy to expensive 3. Tasks in quests take way to long 4. What happened to all the clothes? There is literally only 5 shirts and pants 5. Things like furniture and building are to expensive! 6. I wish our sim could actually be pregnant 7. Wedding rings are too expensive. Because of this only have one married couple 8. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PET YOU ARE GIVEN AT THE START?!?! These are just a few things I miss. These EA people keep on taking out the things that make this game great.. why?!...please fix it because I love the game but it ain’t the same.

Needs work

This game is so much fun! It is free. You can buy additional stuff but it is totally free. It is Rated 12+ but it is totally safe and clean. There are kids, aging, shops, work, adults and tasks! You are not forced to do the tasks after level 4. You can make your sims date, get married, dislike each other, and be friends, best friend and acquaintances. When you level up you get more items. You can but a house or make a house. Your sims (if there married) can move in with each other. They can have kids- how you have a kid I'd by buying a crib and waiting 24hrs and then you can make the kid. The only thing about this game I would fix is the amount of money in the game bc it so much. Also more clothing options and accessories. my least favorite thing is the time. It is real minutes, hours, days and seconds. You have to wait so long to do things and that's annoying. Things talk to much money and time to complete. Also you should be able to have more clothes choices and hairstyles and better house items... good game but needs done work still


How do u dig treasure i don’t get it


This game is awesome it shows kinda how life is like


This is good but do a little bit of editing to it.

A waste

It's nothing like the game on the PlayStation, my wife and I play the game and can't buy a regular house and we never the have nice clothes, the question take way to long, I just want to be able to be in free play and buy a house make as many sims and kids as I can, this sims game is a joke and not what I expected, spend money on it just to buy objects smh


I just wish you could give us different tasks for events instead of making us do the crafting stuff. It used to be so cool getting ahead but now it’s like you can’t even send the sims to work to make money because they have to craft for 6 hours.

Add a time-stopper button!

I love this game and I play it almost every single day (because I’m forced to.) This game is good but why can’t it have a pause button like the sims 4 does, or at least make the sims do actions when they really need it. To be honest, when I don’t play game I just open it to make all my sims hibernate because I have to take care of them every single day or they piss everywhere. That’s definitely a feature you must add or might as well let our sims die if one day we don’t have internet for a week.


I was super obsessed with sims a few years ago. I got pretty far on this game but then I deleted it and got it again so I could start a new game. But then it actually took pretty long to get to the wizard thing, the mysterious island, the toddler quest, dogs, and more. I haven’t gotten even close to where I was a few years ago ever. I think they should have it so you can buy quests you want to do a instead of do ones you don’t want. Some people don’t want pets or toddlers. And it’s basically a waste of time. I also had a bunch of quests waiting and it was pretty annoying to see how many were waiting to be done. I had like 5 waiting. Pretty much, my only problem is the quests, but I also want new clothes, new furniture, actions that take less time, and more. There should also be a way where you can build your own town instead of having limited houses, job spaces, and more. And that’s pretty much sums it up for me.


I love this game but one thing that is really annoying is that a family can only have 2 kids!!! Please.. Please... Please let us have more kids per household!!! That would make this my favourite game!!! Also I think u should let more then 10 sims in a place!! If I want to build a school or have a wedding it is better with more Sims and having only 10 sims per house is very annoying!! Thank you

Money stealers

I was playing and basically just to get to play the game nicely you have to spend irl money for “simoleons”. Also I just would recommend getting sims mobile it’s way more user friendly and they actually pay attention to these reviews. All and all 1-5 stars wouldn’t recommend.

I love this game but the clothes and the way the people look make me upset...

I have a cousin who I put in the game as a Sim and she was picking clothes for herself and was really upset that she looked so much like a girl. She’s in a transition period where she’s not sure about her gender and wanted to be able to wear “boy clothes” but she couldn’t find anything. The boobs were sticking out and she was really upset about that. Also, almost every single hair style was girlish and she couldn’t find anything that she looked like (she has curly hair) That’s it for the clothes and sims Oh, and i don’t understand why you have to be in a relationship to sleep with them. I want to have siblings and parents sleep with the children. Besides that, I love the game and have been playing for 5 years. It is a lot of fun!

Great game

This is a great (and addicting) game. There are some things that I wish would be included in future updates: * it would be great if having babies didn't cost so much and if the sims could actually be pregnant. And why do sims have to be married to have kids?! * I would like to be able to use cake slices to keep animals happy. * please stop making sims take on a last name of another just because they move in together!! * why can't more than one baby be made at a time. Anyone ever heard of twins? Or more than one person having a kid at a time? * time to update with additional levels. There is no incentive to have sims doing any xp only actions after reaching level 55. Or have those xp only actions provide simoleons/LP/SP after reaching level 55. * and my most wished for item - more personalization of sims (head/face types, body types, height, etc.). It's boring to have everyone looking the same! And accessories for ALL age groups. Overall, I love this game would like to see more customization. That said, having played sims mobile, I can say that Sims FreePlay is the far more superior and enjoyable game, KEEP THE UPDATES COMING! 😊


This game is amazing! It can be a bit challenging but mostly fun! I definitely recommend downloading this


I have been buying the simolians and things but if wOnT give them to my account so I have been wasting money. You need to stop ripping people off

Love the game but...

The newest update removed the furniture that came with the apartment buildings, the furniture was in all the houses that came with that set of furniture but not in the build menu and that was my favorite update in the sims freeplay. I would appreciate it if you would put that furniture back in the game. Other wise it is a great game, the lack of previous content just bothers me a lot.


It’s good I recommend it

Ok Game

This is a good game but it is so hard for love or marge or kids plz review and fix the game thanks so much

Y’all don’t listen.

Can you PLEASE make the events longer? 6 days to collect almost 100,000 materials and over 200 constructor coins isn’t enough! You aren’t giving people who don’t have money to spend $4 for Laura craft a chance to earn the cool stuff. I’ve been playing this game for over 6 years now.

Not bad

I actually think this app is pretty good. Graphics are really good, details it doesn’t crash or glitch often.

I hate this game

I purchasepoints on sale for $3 for 40life points two time and they I never got the life points its Ben two days but there not showing up . That’s the Bad news the good new is that it a good game be side that it just need a bit more detail for the sim character they need more dog and cats there need to be an option to try for a baby ea please give me what I paid for if not I’ll delete the game and pot bad rating ps u oh me 80 life points ea

Sims Freeplay:

I feel as if you should make an update for the Sims Freeplay to look like the Sims 4 a little bit.


Ok so, here’s the story on why this game is a scam. I bought 40 life points twice. And nothing showed up the next day nothing, and when I tried to restore purchases nothing showed up either. I wasted $12 on something that doesn’t even work wow great job.

Stole my money (in real life)

Screw this game. I’d give it 5 stars but I tried doing a few in app purchases, Instead it gave me an error code of 1111 and took money out of my actual bank account and didn’t give me any simoleans or LPs. Not impressed. Please give me back my money.

Great game

This is a great game but I do wish we could customize the sims clothes and everything including houses so they aren’t always square and maybe you can and special sales for event like movie anniversaries like the Wizard of Oz.Thank you very much for taking the time to read this but please some of this in the following updates.

Please fix

I just got it back and it asks me for my age and don’t let me go any further than that I had to download it twice but is still won’t let me

Love the new update

I really love the Sims FreePlay and the new update is awesome but I just have one small request and I would hope you would consider it in one of the up coming updates I would really love to have more pet stuff like dog beds, different dog toys and even some new cat toys and maybe an option to have some exotic pets like lizards and also maybe food bowls for the little pig from the most recent quest and some stuff for him and if it’s not to much to ask can we maybe have a veterinarian office


hi sims, i have got an idea will help people to sell a lot of things in the same time. For example , i have a 30 chairs and i want to sell it at the same time , that wasted my time! , so that will be really cool , and this game is amazing!

More Hobbies

In my opinion, I think that the sims should be open to a wider selection of hobbies. I have been playing this game ever since it first came out and have been addicted to it ever since. For instance, I wish that teen idols could become celebrities when they grow up because I've been working on getting the teen idol mansion and when my teen gets older, I will still be at level 6, so I don't have to find a new hobby for her. Also, I wish moms could have like a baby bump when their pregnant. And maybe teens could also just kiss and hug because the "naughty hand kiss" gets kind of boring. But, all in all, this game is very fun, I just wish it was a little bit more stuff will be fun like a Lamborghini!!!!!

not a bad game, but

I want to start out by saying that i love this game. ive been playing it for years. but the most recent update got me so annoyed. its less completing quests to unlock newer cooler content and more of turning your sims into a sweat shop. just making candles and jewelry for something that takes so long to complete. itd be much more enjoyable to play with a quest or unlockable item thats more plausible than making all my sims work for hours on end.


I am in LOVE with this game but I think that you make SUPER COOL houses SUPER EXPENSIVE and also think that YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY REAL MONEY TO BUY SIMOLEONS listen I don’t know about everyone else but I buy games so I can have fun without paying for things BUT THERE IS ONLY FIVE HARD LONG-AMOUNT OF TIME WAYS TO GET SIMOLEONS!!!!!😡😡😡😡

I love this game but

Ok I love the sims free play I been playing since a little kid and this game is so fun and I love this game but the boys sims I don’t like the teens hair and the clothes aren’t the best, I want the room to be bigger, I don’t really like how every thing grows price when u level up


I was super happy in my early days playing this game. When I returned about a year later what do I find?! My teen idol house is GONE and my SIMS were gone with it! All of the sims who lived in that house disappeared with the house. I’m super displeased by this some sort of update to affect my game in this way, because I worked so hard to get that house and It’s suddenly disappeared. I would be eternally grateful if you could fix that please, because I’m really depressed right now. I had sims with high abilities and everything just. Disappeared. I’m more broke than I was before. I can’t progress as easy anymore. Please return my house and my sims.

Great game

It’s fun for when it’s cold out side and there’s nothing to do it’s takes a lore of time out of your day if you’re not care full. I would recommend😀.

Glitches still

Although there has been numerous updates, there have been glitches when viewing the ads for free simoleons or any additional prize. The game locks up completely and I cannot exit out of the ad to get to the main game. I have to restart my IPAD every time. Such a hassle! All these constant updates and what could it possibly be fixing? The game is kind‘ easy sucking at this time. Ugh!

Love the sims game for years

Add more pets like chihuahua,basset hound, yorkie And more pets supplies Or a safari update exotic pets

Make more stuff for the sims

You should make Supreme and Gucci for Pre-Teen, Teen, and Adult. Also make stuff like Louis Vuitton purses for Woman adults and clothing for adults. But make sure it is free to buy because some people can’t get in app purchases. This would be great for you guys to make this.

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